Director’s Note

I am so excited and humbled to see how this production is coming together…

A little history lesson…

I attended graduate school in Los Angeles in 2015 to pursue an MA in Film and Media Production. Before the end of the school year, I experienced a significant health flare-up that required me to take a leave of absence. With accommodations, I was able to complete my coursework with the exception of my thesis film, for which I received a medical extension to complete at a future date when I was released to do so.

Little did I realize it would take me 3 years to recover to the point that I would be healthy enough to move forward with my thesis. I have had some significant health challenges due to a handful of diagnoses throughout my adult life, and its these challenges that came to a head and caused the flare-up in 2015. I was also diagnosed with C-PTSD, a subcategory of PTSD, which I have been in recovery for since earlier this year. C-PTSD, in conjunction with my other diagnoses, significantly impacted my ability to function at a “normal” level, and as it turns out, the C-PTSD went undiagnosed for quite some time.

It’s been a challenging 3 years as I’ve needed to, in many ways and on many levels, learn to live and rebuild a life again. Through experience, though, life has taught me to trust in the right timing of things and allow for the pause when required. With time and patience, I have been reclaiming my well-being and am happy to report that I am moving forward with the production of my thesis film in the Morgantown, WV area the first week of October.

Stories save lives and foster connection and relationships. My purpose is, in part, to share relatable stories to entertain, heal, and connect our world. My thesis film, “Back in the Saddle,” is a slice-of-life wry comedy that reflects the human condition and our challenges with, and approach to, relationships in the modern era. It’s important to me that my stories represent characters that are full of life and well-represented (male and female alike), and I believe this script achieves that goal. I’ve received some great input and feedback for “Back in the Saddle,” and believe it’s going to be a lot of fun to shoot with a positive end result.

Much Love and Gratitude,


Ronda has 20+ years of experience in the film industry and has worked on more than 100 productions both in front of and behind the camera as an actress, writer, director, and producer. She also holds a Masters in Human Resources and Industrial Relations and a Bachelors in Business Administration and Finance from West Virginia University. The project, “Back in the Saddle,” is part of her thesis requirement for her to receive her second Masters in Film and Media Production.

Why Filmmaking and “Back in the Saddle?”

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